Sunday, March 31, 2013

52 Weeks: Week Thirteen

It's hard to find the happy right now. Three years ago, I went into labour on Good Friday and Reid died early on Saturday morning. No matter when Easter falls, it is tied up with Reid. This year, when it is just days away from his actual anniversary/birthday, it is extra hard. Other than some candy this morning for the girls, there was no celebrating here. Sometimes it is good to live far away from most family members so I don't have to get out of Easter dinners and other events.

On the theme of Reid's upcoming birthday, I was happy to get the now traditional breakfast cupcakes baked early. They look pretty good already.

They are however, even better than they look because this is what's inside.

In unrelated activities, D finally got to build the snowman she's been waiting for all winter.Of course now, it's finally started to warm up so he's lost all his limbs and facial features but he was awesome for the 18 hours before the sun hit him.

 The other source of happiness around here is books. For the last few months I was worried that we waited to long to start reading the C.S. because she never wanted to sit and look at books with us. (D was fascinated with books from about 6 months on but she was the first baby and had 2 adults to cater to her.) Well, that's changed big time. She will look at books on her own now, but she will also big me book after book to read to her. I am very grateful for the nearly complete collection of Sandra Boyton books we bought for D. I'm not sure which is cuter, C.S. making animal noises for Moo, Baa, La, La, La or her saying "Ooop" and giggling at Green Hat, Blue Hat.

And since I have now learned how the iPad and wor.d.verif.ication don't get along, I've taken it off in hopes that I might get a few more comments. At least for this upcoming week and Reid's birthday.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

52 Weeks: Week Twelve

Snow, snow and more snow this week here depsite the fact that's it's officially spring. I had to go out the shovel snow off the snow pile at the end of the driveway so I could see the street when backing out. D and I played outside for a couple hours and D.G. snapped a picture of us out the window. (The pile of snow we are standing on is over 5 feet tall.)

This picture itself kinda makes me happy. It's rare to see a picture of myself that I don't hate instantly and delete. My purple hair is now closer to magenta but I still like it. C.S. is all washed out because we are parked at the front door waiting for D to get home from school.

I got my frame from the paint your own ceramics place. Now I have to get off my butt and print a picture to put in it.

Okay, I'm not happy about C.S. being sad, but it's the closest I can get to a picture of her talking. Oh this kid is learning words and sounds so quickly right now. No walking, but there will soon be all kinds of talking. Her current favorite word is "Owie" and she uses it when ever she is displeased, in any way. I believe this "owie" was in response to me attempting to wash her face after lunch.

Monday, March 18, 2013

52 Weeks: Week Eleven

It's eleven weeks into 2013. Eleven weeks sounds like the year has barely started, but January feels like forever ago. Last week was busy, but good.

D had a "Celebration of Learning" night at school. She is rockin' kindergarten and most amazingly (at least to me) can read/recognize the names of every one of her 22 classmates.

D also had a superhero themed party to celebrate the end of skating lessons. The cape and the shirt were borrowed from a friend, but D.G. and I made the mask and belt so she could be Bat Girl. (Can I also be happy that I no longer have to find ways to keep C.S. happy for an hour at the skating rink on Thursday mornings.?)

Saturday morning, D.G. not only made me lunch but he did it while wearing C.S. Nothing better than a man cooking for you while looking after the baby. (and you get to go have a proper shower)

And to top it off, we went out for supper on Saturday night and I got to eat all the perogies I could fit in my belly. I grew up in a very Ukrainian town surrounded by little old ladies who made delicious perogies by hand for every town function. Luckily the area we live in now also has a large population of Ukrainians and I can still get authentic perogies locally. (in between visits from my parents when they bring my perogies from home.) If you've never had them, they are little triangles of dough filled with mashed potatoes and cheese, served drenched in butter. So good. Seriously.

(Image is from here, because I forgot to take pictures,
but this is exactly how mine looked.)

Monday, March 11, 2013

52 Weeks: Week Ten

I have been terrible this week for taking pictures, but there has been lots of happiness (in between the bouts of sleeplessness.)
D lost her first tooth and the first visit for the Tooth Fairy was a success.


Cleo is learning new things non-stop. She seems to especially love wiping the floors, something I hope continues I the future.

According to D I cooked the "best supper ever" on Friday night. Of course it was frozen sweet potato fries, chicken fingers and peas. The night I made stuffed pork chops with a brown sugar apple reduction with oven baked potatoes ( and forgot to take pictures) it was just okay.

There was lots of singing and dancing around here too this week. C.S.'s dancing is mostly arm waving but D makes up for it with lots of spins and plenty of dramatic arm gestures. (Why won't she let me sign her up for a musical theatre class?) The current favorite is very good for trying to stay positive (as the calendar moves closer to April) and even has a video and lyrics that are not completely inappropriate for once so I'm cheating and using a video instead of a picture:

Monday, March 4, 2013

52 Week: Week Nine

I officially have purple hair! In person and especially in natural light, it's bright purple, but for some reason, every time I take a picture, it looks more reddish. It really is purple though. I love it.

Sunday, I got to have 4 whole daytime hours to myself (it's the longest I've ever been away from C.S. during the day). I went to a "paint your own ceramics" place with a friend. I forgot to take a picture of my masterpiece so you will have to look at the bowl the whole family painted last October instead. I promise to share my piece when it's finished being fired.

I finally got rid of a huge box full of baby things that were cluttering up the basement this week. Free.cycle makes me so happy because it's out of my house and going to someone who really does want it.

Books are making me happy this week. C.S. has been wanting to nurse a lot lately and since she's my last baby, I'm not discouraging her. (there is no toddler "nurse and go" thing happening here) It's nice to have the time to cuddle but I've also been taking advantage of the quiet time to read. I read for pleasure so I read mostly chick-lit/romance, but it makes me happy so who cares.

(Board books, schmord books, I'm going straight to paperbacks.)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ma Famille

It came home with D yesterday. The Kindergarten project I have been dreading since September, "Ma Famille".(or My Family, D is in French immersion.) It's like a giant emotional minefield, all contained in one little piece of paper.

How do I help her answer the question "How many people are in your family?" ? I know my answer is 5, but is it her answer? I don't want to push her but I want her to know that Reid is a real part of our family, not just a picture on the wall. But then what if she shares her brother with her class and an insensitive classmate says something mean about him? How in the world will she handle that? How will I handle that? I already want to smack the imaginary little brat, but I guess I should have a more appropriate response prepared. I want her to want to draw 5 people in her picture of our family, but what if she doesn't?

It's just all stressful and painful and I don't really need more to worry about anything else this month. The countdown to Reid's 3rd birthday is on and the what-ifs and should-have-beens are already floating through me head.