Monday, March 11, 2013

52 Weeks: Week Ten

I have been terrible this week for taking pictures, but there has been lots of happiness (in between the bouts of sleeplessness.)
D lost her first tooth and the first visit for the Tooth Fairy was a success.


Cleo is learning new things non-stop. She seems to especially love wiping the floors, something I hope continues I the future.

According to D I cooked the "best supper ever" on Friday night. Of course it was frozen sweet potato fries, chicken fingers and peas. The night I made stuffed pork chops with a brown sugar apple reduction with oven baked potatoes ( and forgot to take pictures) it was just okay.

There was lots of singing and dancing around here too this week. C.S.'s dancing is mostly arm waving but D makes up for it with lots of spins and plenty of dramatic arm gestures. (Why won't she let me sign her up for a musical theatre class?) The current favorite is very good for trying to stay positive (as the calendar moves closer to April) and even has a video and lyrics that are not completely inappropriate for once so I'm cheating and using a video instead of a picture:

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