Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stuff I made this week

I still eat like crazy and as long as I am still wearing the smallest size jeans I have ever worn then I figure I might as well enjoy it. Today I wanted chocolate cake so I decided to use up some of the zucchini from the garden and make it at least a little healthy. It seemed like a good plan as I spent all of C.S.'s afternoon nap shredding zucchini and baking cake (and I have enough shredded zucchini to bake a ton of muffins too). Now however, it's 9 pm and there's a whole chocolate cake calling my name.

Cara...Cara...You know you love me....

(I would have cut a piece to take a pretty picture but then I would have HAD to eat it too.)
Maybe I should have stuck with crocheting, at least I can't eat my creations. I was back on Ravelry (so addicting) this week looking for something I could make for two  birthday girls we will be celebrating with this weekend. It had to be easy and it had to be something that didn't require measurements. Both birthday girls like accessories so I decided to make headbands. I think they turned out pretty good and of course I had to make an extra one for D. I may make one for myself later too.

(If anyone wants the link to the instructions let me know. I don't want to link directly because the website has been heavily spammed.)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quick Update

Let's see...

C.S. has popped out 3 three teeth in the last 10 days. She is so exhausted she actually had a good sleep last night.

C.S. has also become a very efficient belly slider. She only pushes with one foot for some reason (same as D. did) and has gotten a sore at the base of her big toe from pushing so much. She can move pretty fast and always has her eyes open for interesting things in cupboards and her big sister's room.

D. brought home a cold from school. She was sick for 12 hours, I have been a mess all week and now D.G. has it. Of course he is "man sick" and near death. Now it appears C.S. is getting it too.

I got to use my sewing machine, (yay!), but it was for replacing elastics in C.S.'s diapers so it was no fun at all. I hate ripping out tiny little stitches in elastic, I think some poor Chinese factory worker was paid by the amount of thread they applied to each diaper. 7 down, 4 more to go.

D likes school but hates riding the bus home. Let's hope she adjusts soon because things work better for everyone when she comes home on the bus.

I got new nursing bras yesterday. This is the best thing to happen all week. Everything is better when the girls are located where they are meant to be. Now if only I had time and/or energy to go shopping for boots.

Only week until this year's Walk to Remember.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

8 Months Old

Wow 8 months already...

-  C.S. figured out moving forward last Thursday, the same day her big sister started Kindergarten. She is sliding on her belly full speed now so nothing on the floor is safe. She has some kind of radar for electrical cords so I've been busy trying to distract her from all the cords that can't be moved.

- The top teeth are on the way in. C.S. has been sleeping extra horribly for the last week and has been extra clingy. I couldn't figure out why, then I saw 2 little holes in her gums yesterday morning. They haven't broken through yet, but they are coming, fast I hope. Not that I'm looking forward to being bitten with those teeth, I just want my happy baby back.

- I am a mommy zombie. Knowing the reason for the lack of sleep helps a little, but it still hurts. I keep doing things that don't make sense but then I can't even remember what happened. In the latest incident I registered D and C.S. for swimming lessons 3 weeks ago, but either I didn't remember which day D's lessons were or I registered for the wrong day. I have no idea which it is, but when D.G. took D for what I thought was her lesson on Saturday, she wasn't registered in the class. Oops. I guess I should be using D's time at school for naps, but there's just some much to get done around the house (and so much blogging to do.)

I tried to get our monthly picture, but someone had other ideas...

"C., sweetie, smile for Mama"

What's this?

 What's D doing over there?

 Ooh, what's back there?

Hey, I can put my feet over here!

Is there something else back there now?

 So we gave up and had supper. Apparently blowing shepherds pie out her nose makes her much happier than posing for pictures. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Kindergarten gets its own post

I just got home from taking D to her first official day of Kindergarten. I can believe that my first baby is 5, but in school, no way. She had her orientation day Thursday last week and it went just fine. The only thing that she was worried about was leaving her inside shoes at school over the weekend. I was way more worried about the orientation day than today because there was no one she knew in her group (they split the class into thirds for orientation) and she has said things like she doesn't want to make new friends to me in the past. However on our walk to school today she informed me that she had already made new friends last week so I guess I don't have to worry about that.

Today we got there and as soon as she found her shoes and found a place to put her snack, she was ready for class. No tears from my big girl or her mommy. I'm so proud of her and I can't wait to find out what she learned today.

Here are the traditional first day of school pictures:

Last Thursday, in front of the maple trees we planted in honor of Reid.

And today, on the way out the gate. 
(She is tired of posing for pictures after the last few days.)

And she came home and was thrilled to see me and C.S., I haven't felt that loved in ages. It might be the best part of having a Kindergartner.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Is 34 too old for skinny jeans? The labels says "modern straight" but they look like skinny jeans to me.

Where, you ask, did I find time to shop for jeans if things are as bad as you said in the last post? I was at Cos.tco grocery shopping and spotted some jeans and dug through the piles for my size despite the protests of D. Yes, I bought jeans at Cos.tco becuase that's the closest I get to clothes shopping with 2 girls in tow.(and I can use samples as bribes to get D cooperate.)

Anyways back to my question... Am I too old for skinny jeans? I am not brave enough to post pictures of me in these jeans, a la Angela but I am totally lusting after her brown boots. (which ones did you end up buying/keeping?). If I find a pair of brown boots to love, I will then post a picture of me in the skinny jeans and boots (In hopes that the boots will prevent anyone from actually looking at my butt.)


I use a notebook to plan all our meals. I need to plan things in advance to avoid daily trips to the grocery store and D.G. and I both hate eating sandwiches for lunch more than once a week so having enough leftovers is a priority. When I was working, I had to plan meals or we would have never eaten a healthy meal. Today I was looking back through it to try to find some ideas for meals we haven't had for a while and managed to land on the page with the meals we were supposed to be eating the weekend Reid was born. Of course, this led to a totally unanticipated meltdown. Why do such random things happen now and end in tears? Two years ago EVERYTHING upset me. Now I can handle going out in public and D singing songs about how she loves her sister and her brother and walking through boys' clothing sections but a meal list makes me bawl.


(I'm going to have to just name posts by the date, there's no way to tie the stuff here together. And it's my bedtime so I am giving up. Of course it would have to be the 3rd today.)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Exhaustion = blog neglect

Seriously, I have wanted to post something for the last three weeks but when there is only 1 hour between the girls' bedtimes and my bedtime it doesn't leave much time for writing or organizing my thoughts. I just wanted to put this up here to say, I'm still here and still want write but getting more rest has to be my priority now that I am the only adult at home with the girls during the day. D starts kindergarten later this week so maybe once we are into the new routine, I can sneak some naps or blogging in during the day if I can convince C.S. to sleep while D is at school in the afternoons.

Okay now I have to fold three loads of laundry and collapse into bed.