Monday, September 3, 2012


Is 34 too old for skinny jeans? The labels says "modern straight" but they look like skinny jeans to me.

Where, you ask, did I find time to shop for jeans if things are as bad as you said in the last post? I was at Cos.tco grocery shopping and spotted some jeans and dug through the piles for my size despite the protests of D. Yes, I bought jeans at Cos.tco becuase that's the closest I get to clothes shopping with 2 girls in tow.(and I can use samples as bribes to get D cooperate.)

Anyways back to my question... Am I too old for skinny jeans? I am not brave enough to post pictures of me in these jeans, a la Angela but I am totally lusting after her brown boots. (which ones did you end up buying/keeping?). If I find a pair of brown boots to love, I will then post a picture of me in the skinny jeans and boots (In hopes that the boots will prevent anyone from actually looking at my butt.)


I use a notebook to plan all our meals. I need to plan things in advance to avoid daily trips to the grocery store and D.G. and I both hate eating sandwiches for lunch more than once a week so having enough leftovers is a priority. When I was working, I had to plan meals or we would have never eaten a healthy meal. Today I was looking back through it to try to find some ideas for meals we haven't had for a while and managed to land on the page with the meals we were supposed to be eating the weekend Reid was born. Of course, this led to a totally unanticipated meltdown. Why do such random things happen now and end in tears? Two years ago EVERYTHING upset me. Now I can handle going out in public and D singing songs about how she loves her sister and her brother and walking through boys' clothing sections but a meal list makes me bawl.


(I'm going to have to just name posts by the date, there's no way to tie the stuff here together. And it's my bedtime so I am giving up. Of course it would have to be the 3rd today.)


Catherine W said...

I don't know the answer but I also want to know! I also have a pair of jeans labelled straight but they LOOK skinny. I'm not skinny. I'm 33. Can I still wear them? Oh and they also came from the UK equivalent of Costco.

I also have a pair of beautiful brown boots but they remain unworn. Blargh.

And I'm sorry about the meal planner. It's strange how things that you would not expect to bother you can be a real punch in the gut.

missliany said...

I totally use the samples at Costco to bribe Lily to sit in the cart while I shop, lol. And, no, I don't think you are too old for skinny jeans at all.

It's the strangest things that can set you off, eh? Lily loved Caillou around the time Chloe was born/died and watched it alot. The actual show doesn't bug me, but to this day, the sound of the theme song turns my stomach and brings me back to those early days.

Angela said...

I'm a little bit scared to wear my skinny jeans when fall hits. As for the boots - I went with the Born pair I originally bought.

It always surprises me what makes me melt down. It feels like a betrayal of sorts when you're feeling fine and something mundane knocks you over.

Jessica said...

i'm sure skinny jeans will look great! i hate groceries and i hate planning food...there was a time when i enjoyed cooking - then i got pregnant (the 3rd time), then i had Logan, now i feel like most things take too much time and it makes me tired - hopefully i will get used to things and cooking will perk up for me (as shopping never will LOL)

Melissa said...

On you the skinny jeans would look great. Don't worry about that at all!