Saturday, September 22, 2012

Quick Update

Let's see...

C.S. has popped out 3 three teeth in the last 10 days. She is so exhausted she actually had a good sleep last night.

C.S. has also become a very efficient belly slider. She only pushes with one foot for some reason (same as D. did) and has gotten a sore at the base of her big toe from pushing so much. She can move pretty fast and always has her eyes open for interesting things in cupboards and her big sister's room.

D. brought home a cold from school. She was sick for 12 hours, I have been a mess all week and now D.G. has it. Of course he is "man sick" and near death. Now it appears C.S. is getting it too.

I got to use my sewing machine, (yay!), but it was for replacing elastics in C.S.'s diapers so it was no fun at all. I hate ripping out tiny little stitches in elastic, I think some poor Chinese factory worker was paid by the amount of thread they applied to each diaper. 7 down, 4 more to go.

D likes school but hates riding the bus home. Let's hope she adjusts soon because things work better for everyone when she comes home on the bus.

I got new nursing bras yesterday. This is the best thing to happen all week. Everything is better when the girls are located where they are meant to be. Now if only I had time and/or energy to go shopping for boots.

Only week until this year's Walk to Remember.

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