Monday, March 18, 2013

52 Weeks: Week Eleven

It's eleven weeks into 2013. Eleven weeks sounds like the year has barely started, but January feels like forever ago. Last week was busy, but good.

D had a "Celebration of Learning" night at school. She is rockin' kindergarten and most amazingly (at least to me) can read/recognize the names of every one of her 22 classmates.

D also had a superhero themed party to celebrate the end of skating lessons. The cape and the shirt were borrowed from a friend, but D.G. and I made the mask and belt so she could be Bat Girl. (Can I also be happy that I no longer have to find ways to keep C.S. happy for an hour at the skating rink on Thursday mornings.?)

Saturday morning, D.G. not only made me lunch but he did it while wearing C.S. Nothing better than a man cooking for you while looking after the baby. (and you get to go have a proper shower)

And to top it off, we went out for supper on Saturday night and I got to eat all the perogies I could fit in my belly. I grew up in a very Ukrainian town surrounded by little old ladies who made delicious perogies by hand for every town function. Luckily the area we live in now also has a large population of Ukrainians and I can still get authentic perogies locally. (in between visits from my parents when they bring my perogies from home.) If you've never had them, they are little triangles of dough filled with mashed potatoes and cheese, served drenched in butter. So good. Seriously.

(Image is from here, because I forgot to take pictures,
but this is exactly how mine looked.)

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Jeanette said...

Oh yumm, those perogies look delicious!
Love love love to see a babywearing Daddy, and a cooking babywearing Daddy is even better!