Friday, March 1, 2013

Ma Famille

It came home with D yesterday. The Kindergarten project I have been dreading since September, "Ma Famille".(or My Family, D is in French immersion.) It's like a giant emotional minefield, all contained in one little piece of paper.

How do I help her answer the question "How many people are in your family?" ? I know my answer is 5, but is it her answer? I don't want to push her but I want her to know that Reid is a real part of our family, not just a picture on the wall. But then what if she shares her brother with her class and an insensitive classmate says something mean about him? How in the world will she handle that? How will I handle that? I already want to smack the imaginary little brat, but I guess I should have a more appropriate response prepared. I want her to want to draw 5 people in her picture of our family, but what if she doesn't?

It's just all stressful and painful and I don't really need more to worry about anything else this month. The countdown to Reid's 3rd birthday is on and the what-ifs and should-have-beens are already floating through me head.


Alyvia said...

Boy that post hits home! We also will have our child in a French immersion school and our number is 5. Not sure what others think it is. Hope you get thru the project ok.

Catherine W said...

Oh car. I had this last year when we had to make family tree. I agonised over including Georgina or not. Because we do talk about her to her sister, all the time. But I included her on the basis that Jessica doesn't really understand the situation as yet and gets very confused about her sister.

I also worried that somebody else might consider it strange or say something hurtful. And it's awful that he have to consider those things. We are both in a family of five, three children. But . . . . oh it's so complicated. Hope you find something that feels 'ok' even though I know that nothing ever seems to feel entirely right :(

Alyvia said...

Oh wow that post hit home! My son will be going to a French immersion school too and our number is 5 too. Although not to others.

Lisa said...

My daughter isn't even in Kindergarten yet and have already been stressed about this kind of thing. I am pretty sure she would say 5, she usually does include Adelyn. In fact, she is the rare person who brings her up all the time. You have to let us know how this ended up unfolding. I'm curious.

Merry said...

Argh. Yes.

My girls have recounted; mostly 7, with a side order of 8. How can I blame thm? I don't think any of us quite else e Freddie happened any more :(