Monday, February 25, 2013

52 Weeks: Week Eight

How could I not be happy at least part of the time this past week? It was my birthday and I didn't have to bake my own cake or pick out/buy my own gift. The cake was delicious and therefore had to be eaten as fast as possible.

 In honor of my birthday, I splurged on getting my hair colored as well as a very long over due cut. I love the cut so far, but the color didn't come out quite as intended. It's going to get fixed (hopefully) next week, but I can definitely live with it. (and all my grays are covered up too!)

I also managed to finished the hat I was working on in time to give it to my hair stylist. She loves it. Somehow having people love the things you make for them makes it even more satisfying to create things. (D agreed to model the hat for me.)

The "warm" weather has continued here and therefore we get moments like this. C.S. loves being outside and will allow herself to be mauled by her sister so I can have pictures of them together. It probably helps that she doesn't walk yet and so if I sit her down on a pile of snow, she has to stay there.

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Jeanette said...

Sorry the hair didn't quite work out how you wanted, looks pretty good from that photo though.
And Happy Birthday! x