Sunday, March 31, 2013

52 Weeks: Week Thirteen

It's hard to find the happy right now. Three years ago, I went into labour on Good Friday and Reid died early on Saturday morning. No matter when Easter falls, it is tied up with Reid. This year, when it is just days away from his actual anniversary/birthday, it is extra hard. Other than some candy this morning for the girls, there was no celebrating here. Sometimes it is good to live far away from most family members so I don't have to get out of Easter dinners and other events.

On the theme of Reid's upcoming birthday, I was happy to get the now traditional breakfast cupcakes baked early. They look pretty good already.

They are however, even better than they look because this is what's inside.

In unrelated activities, D finally got to build the snowman she's been waiting for all winter.Of course now, it's finally started to warm up so he's lost all his limbs and facial features but he was awesome for the 18 hours before the sun hit him.

 The other source of happiness around here is books. For the last few months I was worried that we waited to long to start reading the C.S. because she never wanted to sit and look at books with us. (D was fascinated with books from about 6 months on but she was the first baby and had 2 adults to cater to her.) Well, that's changed big time. She will look at books on her own now, but she will also big me book after book to read to her. I am very grateful for the nearly complete collection of Sandra Boyton books we bought for D. I'm not sure which is cuter, C.S. making animal noises for Moo, Baa, La, La, La or her saying "Ooop" and giggling at Green Hat, Blue Hat.

And since I have now learned how the iPad and wor.d.verif.ication don't get along, I've taken it off in hopes that I might get a few more comments. At least for this upcoming week and Reid's birthday.


Beth said...

I don't do much blog reading these days but I'm here. Thinking of you xxx

Jeanette said...

That snowman is pretty awesome, we never get enough snow for anything that good.
Wishing you peace this month, and here reading.x

Dana said...

It's crazy that it has almost been three years. Thinking about you and Reid even more than usual this week.