Sunday, February 20, 2011


I was planning to not read my blog today, or even touch my computer for that matter, but I am weak and I couldn't manage to have a nap while D was napping so I got bored and opened up my laptop. (That is a terrible sentence but it's my birthday and I'll write long rambling senteces if I want to.) I opened my email and there in my inbox is a message from HER (yes, the her of the last 2 posts who I am so mad at.) And it's a "we should really chat and catch up on things" email. Oh I'd like to catch her up on a few things. I hope venting will be enough to get this crap out of my head so it doesn't consume my thoughts for the rest of the day. I was prepared to ignore the phone call from my mother-in-law who I still haven't' spoken to since she was here in October, but I didn't need to get a birthday email from HER.


B said...

what crappy timing. i hope it didn't make your day even harder to bear.

Merry said...

I bloody hate the universe and its oh so funny ironic timing.


Have thought of you all day.

Missy said...

Blogging is a safe outlet, but sometimes it just isn't enough. I would probably think long and hard about making a polite, but forceful response to that email. It will be hard to ignore, so maybe just nip it in the butt while you have the open invite. Good luck and sending love to you whatever you decide to do!