Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb 23

Not too much to report for the last few days, but the headaches are back today so I must need to unload something. The problem with ttc while grieving for me is having to put the grieving on hold during the trying part otherwise there is no way any trying would happen. So I have force myself to avoid all the sad/upsetting thoughts. That also means that I have not written any letters or emails to people I am pissed off at either.

My birthday was okay (other than the slight freakout of the last post). It was a very quiet day as we turned off the ringers on all the phones. It definitely the right thing to do as every message that was left was a totally normal birthday message. No acknowledgment of the fact that I am far from happy. D.G., D and I spent a quiet day hanging out at home (it was freaking freezing outside even for a hardened Canadian) that was not all that different from a regular Sunday except D.G. took over the cooking duties in honor of my birthday. They baked me cupcakes which were yummy and bought me more time to be lazy by myself. (thank goodness for cake mixes or my kitchen would still be a mess 4 days later.) D.G. took me out for a decidedly grownup supper. The food was amazing,as it should have been for those prices but since it was my birthday supper, I tried not to think about it. I wish the restaurant had been a bit quieter, but it probably would have been fine for someone who wasn't aiming to become a hermit.

Thanks for the birthday wishes from all my readers, I know that you all have a different definition of "happy" birthday than the rest of the world.


Missy said...

I've become the queen of organical items in my bathroom. Been using lavender oil for sleep assistance and relaxation purposes. I've read it's good for headaches as well. Hoping you get to feeling better and hoping we can jump on the BFP bandwagon sooner rather than later!

therootofallevel said...

fuck. i'm like the worst friend ever. ummm, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ;)

i know how crappy things can feel. my birthday is a mere two weeks after evel was born. in fact all three of our birthdays are within weeks of each other. the entire month of september will never be the same again.

but i'm glad hubs took you out for a nice meal and you had loads of cupcakes to munch on. hope they were chocolate!

you might just get the best belated birthday gift ever this month…

i am constantly sending you positive vibes. it will happen. it will.