Thursday, September 2, 2010

Starts out okay but gets pretty dark by the end...

Thank you for all the complements on the shadow box. I am pretty proud of it and am glad you all like it too. (If you are moved to create your own versions, send me pictures)

Minor bit of blog housekeeping, I am tired of referring to my husband as DH. When we were younger, he was referred to as "Leash Boy" because due to a random act by a scheduling program, we had all our 1st year university classes together, so to some it appeared I was keeping him on a leash. However since that was a very long time ago (14 years, yikes) and he is now a grown man with a semi-important job, it's probably not fair to call him that. Our daughter calls him "Daddy Guy"so maybe for now I'll try D.G. (When I was home on mat. leave with her and he would come home from work, I would say "Who's that guy? It's Daddy!"and in her mind it became Daddy Guy)

Tomorrow is a big day. On top of it being Reid's 5 month anniversary, D.G. and I are going to the lawyer's office to get our wills in order (yes we are bad parents who didn't have a will for the 3 years our daughter has been alive). It should lead to some fun discussions on what happens if our whole family dies at the same time and what we want to happen if one of us becomes a vegetable. Then we need to pick up a "unbaby" baby gift for the friend I was cyber stalking while waiting for her baby to arrive (She has yet to contact us since except for the mass birth announcement email). I will meet my social obligation and send a gift but I am not forcing myself to go into a baby department or to sew baby things for anyone who hasn't been there for me. After that, the fun continues as D.G. is joining me for my second counseling session. He is apprehensive about it, at best, but is willing to go for my sake. Now I didn't book these things for Reid's anniversary on purpose, it just works better to schedule things for his Fridays off and the 3rd just happened to be a Friday this month so instead of waiting an extra 2 weeks, I decided to suck it up and get things over with. Besides we already "won" the dead baby lottery, whose to say we won't find a way to defy more statistics and have a reason to need our wills long before we should.


Elaine said...

sounds like your Friday is going to suck! Wills are no fun, we don't have one either but I know I have to get on that soon. Have to distribute the debt!!
That is so cute your daughter calls him "Daddy Guy"
I hope you can find some peace on Reid's anniversary. Will be thinking of you.


Jessica said...

I hope you found some peace today. I am sorry if it was a sad day filled with some crappy will discussions and such. By the way your husbands old nickname "leash boy" totally made me laugh! ;) **hugs** to you!

lifeafterbenjamin said...

I just found you through FOL/FOH - I too have a 3 year old daughter but my son only made it to 23 weeks. We need to do wills too - just getting life insurance now. My husband's nickname is not nearly as funny as "Leash Boy" and I love Daddy Guy. 3 year old girls are so sweet - most of the time.