Monday, August 9, 2010

And cyber stalking pays off..

Thanks to checking FB every hour for the last week, I managed to find out that yet another baby boy has safely arrived a mere 2 minutes after his mother posted it on FB. Yeah, me, I got to have a big cry pretty much as soon as possible, but not the huge freak out I was waiting for. So either it's still hiding around the corner or the anticipation was in fact worse than the reality. I'm guessing that the freak out is waiting to bite me in the ass, if only I could not worry about it until then.


Dana said...

I find that the anticipation is often worse than the reality, but I also find that just when I think that I handled something without breaking down, it comes back and gets me.

Catherine W said...

I think I agree with Dana. Sometimes the waiting and anticipation is worse than the actual event? I hope this is the case here and that the freak out isn't lurking somewhere, waiting to pounce x