Monday, August 16, 2010

Compulsive researching

I am a compulsive internet researcher. I can't buy anything without spending hours online trying to find the best product for me or DH or D. When DH wanted to make himself "better" coffee, I was the one on the coffee snob forums even thought I NEVER drink coffee. When DH thought we should get a DSLR camera, I was the one reading photography blogs. I cannot buy anything worth more than $99.99 spontaneously, I must google it first to see if anyone else likes it, hates it or can't live without it.

Maybe this is another reason why I am so addicted to dead baby blogs. Maybe I am researching how everyone else is dealing with their babyloss and trying to find a model of dead baby mama-hood that I can learn to live with ( since there's no chance of going to the baby returns department and telling them, "Excuse me you seem to have given me the wrong baby, I'm pretty sure that my baby was alive and this one is dead")

Now I am applying my compulsive researching powers to a new laptop which will allow me to indulge my babyloss blog addiction whenever I want without depriving DH of time playing online video games. (We clearly have very different ideas of therapy as he feels better after virtually blowing up strangers and I like hanging out with other dead baby mamas.) Now I am dividing my time between tech blogs and laptop reviews and trying to figure out if I can be happy with an 11" netbook or a 13" laptop while DH whispers in the background that I should get a Mac. (could it really be worth all that extra money?) Oh well I suppose it might be "healthy" to obsess about something not technically related to dead babies or trying to make a non-dead baby for a while.


Angela said...

A few days after Charlotte died the husband bought me a laptop. The day after she died he was online researching the best one. And now I can hang out with my mamas and he can blow people up on the computer upstairs and all is well in our household.

Have fun with your research and enjoy your laptop when you get it.

Andrea said...

Oh I hear you about being a compulsive researcher. I am the same way. Good luck with your research.

We both use Macs. They are pretty awesome. :)

Sadkitty said...

Our Dell laptop bit it after two years, so I downgraded to a netbook. I love it! if you really just want to hang out and read blogs an EEE is a good way to go. Just upgrade the OS becasue Windows 7 "starter" sucks." I got mine at cowboom for less than $200.

Catherine W said...

My husband bought a Mac laptop when he finally got sick of me hogging the computer for hours on end.

I'm wondering if I should switch to virtually blowing up strangers instead ;)

Missy said...

I read through all the stories of stillbirth on faces of loss and found your blog. I too have found myself addicted to dead baby blogs and forums trying to find people just like me. In one of your blogs, you said you hoped that one day you would help someone. Well you have helped me in so many ways and I am so thankful for that, even if I felt like a creepy stalker in the process. Thank you!