Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Update

(hee hee, that made me remember when I was 13 and the last time that SNL was funny)

Camping went okay. It only rained on the first day we were out there so we didn't have to spend the whole time huddling under a tarp. There was a distinct lack of sleep but overall D did okay. My MIL made me crazy by being completely unprepared for the weather and mud (how do you go camping and not bring at least running shoes when the forecast is for rain, rain, rain?) I think we will try to go again with just SIL#1 and her BF in September as they only live a few hours away and they are my favorite part of DH's family anyway.

The counseling session on Friday morning was okay too. Yes, my counselor was a 50-ish man, but he does have children and has worked with people who have lost children before. I will go see him again maybe even get DH to come with me. The worst part of the whole thing was actually the drive downtown to the appointment, when they did a segment on the radio about taking your baby camping. How's that fabulous timing?


Catherine W said...

Oh geesh. You're joking about that radio segment? That is horrible timing.

Glad that the camping and counseling session went okay. x

Violet1122 said...

I'm happy you had a decent time camping - even if it was raining.

Even better that the counseling session was okay too. Not cool about the radio segment - I hate it when stuff like that happens.

Thinking of you...