Saturday, June 12, 2010

I can still cry

Well Sadkitty was right, all it takes is one wrong thing and you are a basket case all over again. Last night I made a slightly bitter comment and got " be grateful for what you have" from my dad. I fled the room in tears and only stopped crying long enough to get D bathed and into bed. Then I spent the rest of evening crying myself to sleep. He tried to apologize, but he doesn't understand that D is the only reason that I haven't said to hell with the world and spent the last 10 weeks curled up in bed. Holy shit, it's been 10 weeks. Yeah, now I can say "This has been the worst 10 weeks of my life."


Sadkitty said...

Sorry about that. I had a bad day yesterday too. I stopped counting by weeks a while ago and now I can't get them back. I wish I could buy you a beer, or split a bottle of wine. because nothing chases away the blues like a depressant ;-) (Simpsons paraphrase)

Glo said...

In one way having another child is a real life saver in situations such as ours. But because we function for our other children people may get a false sense that we are "ok."

Tough situation ((hugs))