Sunday, September 29, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 37

I'm trying to remember back to Week 37. This is why I shouldn't procrastinate quite so much when it comes to blogging. Good thing I at least picked out some pictures right at the end of that week.

I still love hanging laundry outside. We are quickly running out of days when it's warm enough to completely dry a load but a sunny day in mid-September when C.S. and I can be outside doing laundry is wonderful.

This was the week when we discovered that C.S. does have enough hair for "tails". So stinkin' cute.

The reason we discovered that she could have tails was gymnastics. (I put my hair in 2 pony tails to keep it out of my face and she wanted her own set too.) Now that D is in school for full days, I needed some activities for C.S. I decided we would try a parented gymnastics class first. It was a good decision, she is so happy there. "I go on tramp-O-line!"

The love of trampolines may be genetic as we got to see how much my niece loves it too when they came for a visit. Can't get in trouble for posting this as she is a bouncy blur. She and D and C.S. played dress up and I got some baby cuddles with my baby niece O.

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Big Love, Big Acceptance - or so I say said...

Love the jumping photos! Allies big into trampolines too, and jumping on beds! :)