Sunday, September 29, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 38

I got an early start on D's Halloween costume this year and turned a $3 men's XL t-shirt into a dress. I probably broke every sewing rule I'd ever been taught, but it fits and D gave it her stamp of approval.

C.S. and I spied this on the curb on the walk home from school one day this week. We went back after supper and collected it. D.G. has been busy refinishing it and hopefully soon it will be D's first desk. I think it's adorable but it also made me happy because according to D.G. "dumpster diving" for furniture had finally pushed over the line to hippy-dom. I thought the cloth diapers, breast feeding and hanging my laundry outside had done that already but I guess not.

Bailey's milkshake = happiness. That is all.

This week ended with our local Walk to Remember. (They moved it into September this year, not sure why but it meant we could wear summer clothes.) This is the 4th Walk we've done since Reid died but I think this is the first family picture we've taken. I'm happy there is a place when you don't have to feel odd about taking a picture with a name on a sidewalk and feeling good that your whole family is represented in the picture,

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Glo said...

Just an off note....I know the lady sitting not be bench behind you ;). Reid's name was pretty close to Gavin's.