Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Boy's Third Birthday

We celebrated Reid's 3rd birthday yesterday. D.G. took the day off from work and D stayed home from school.

We started off with the "traditional" cupcakes for breakfast. This year's cupcakes are chocolate with an Oreo middle and cream cheese Oreo icing.

We spent the morning at our provincial art gallery. (Amazing space and surprisingly kid friendly.) D did a kids program that we could tag along on and learned about landscapes.

Then we let the girls loose in a exhibit just for kids. Each tile on the floor made a different sound which was a huge hit.

We went out for lunch and then headed home for nap time. We spent a quite afternoon at home together. I would have liked to spend some time outside, but it was just too cold for C.S.

I really wanted a nice picture for the girls together, but as you can see they weren't very cooperative. Cute, but not cooperative.

I know most people make lights like this at Christmas, but when I checked the forecast, I knew it would be cold enough to do one now. I put it in the back yard in the snow outside my bedroom window. The three little candles made enough light to be seen from inside the house.

And of course I had to try to get a picture with a daisy too.

 This is for you my sweet boy. I miss you so much and wish you were here with us where your belong. I hope you have something like the hugs and kisses and cupcakes and presents and  that we wish we were giving you for you birthday.

It was a relatively peaceful day and at this point that's about as much as I can ask for.

Thanks to everyone who sent messages and love our way.

Sending lots of love out there to all the mamas and little ones who just have or are about to celebrate 3rd birthdays apart from each other.


Melissa said...

Sending lots of love to your family Cara!

Emily said...

That looks like a great Art Gallery. Glad you had a peaceful day.

Dana said...

I'm sorry I'm so late to comment. I have been thinking of you and Reid. I love the cupcakes for his birthday and that candle outside would have been beautiful and haunting. I wish he was in your arms.