Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So bleeping sick

I thought I was getting better, finally, then on Saturday I started losing my voice.  Now I can't stop coughing and when I do Cleo starts. (It's like a kick in the gut every time a little baby coughs like that.) I have some very cute 5 month pictures of C.S. somewhere on a camera that need to be posted. We are supposed to be leaving for SK to visit my parents on Thursday so I have laundry and washing and packing to do. I just want to sleep for more than 2 hours straight. Ugh, double ugh.

Any suggestions for BF-friendly cough remedies? I am really sick of drinking tea.

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otdina said...

Coming out of lurking to post some links for you:

First of all, honey is a great natural cough suppressant. Of course you can't give it to baby, but you can have some yourself.


http://www.infantrisk.com/category/breastfeeding - you can also check out the forums section where almost every medicine in the world is discussed in reference to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Hope it helps, and hope you guys feel better soon.