Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good Milestones

We have spent so mush of the past 2 years marking sad milestones, but the past couple days have been filled with good ones:

- Cleo rolled over for the first time on Saturday night. It was the easy one, front to back, but she's not to far from rolling the other way too. Hopefully the swaddle will keep her from spending all her nights rolling over for a while yet.

- Cleo got her first tooth today. (It's the bottom right one just in case I forget later) We've been able to see it coming for the last couple days so it was no surprise. Also  D. got her first tooth at 17w 4d and C.S. is 21w1d old today. If you correct for the fact that I was pregnant with D for exactly 4 more weeks than I was with C.S. there is only 3 days difference between their ages when they got their first teeth. If I go by D's milestones, C.S. could have tooth #2 tomorrow.

With all this development happening, it's no wonder her sleep has been crap. I want my 6 hour stretch back so I can feel capable of accomplishing something beyond feeding C.S. and myself during the day. (Edit: I complained because she was up every 2 hours. To show me that I shouldn't have complained, she woke up every hour last night.)


The SIL's fiance is improving. He regained consciousness, but we are still waiting to find out if he's off the ventilator or not. Thanks for the good thoughts, ladies.

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