Wednesday, April 11, 2012

3 months or My girls are growing up!

Here she is, all 13 lb 13 oz of C.S. She is just about done with the 3 month sized clothes, but that is at least partly due to the fluffy cloth diaper bum. She refuses to nap unless someone is holding (or wearing) her but sleeps so well in her crib at night that I am afraid to tell people for fear of jinxing it. (I have had a few "rush to her room and check if she is still breathing" moments because of the good sleeping too.) She smiles a lot and is starting to pay more attention to the world around her. She also started drooling like crazy this week and I'm scared she will get teeth at 4 months like D.

My first baby is growing up too. We went to an information night at D's future school tonight. I can't believe she will start Kindergarten in September. We were the only parents there with a newborn, but the mom of one of D's friends from preschool was there with her belly (due in May) so D will not be the only one with a baby sibling. We will have to see how the teacher handles it when D announces that our other baby died.

C.S. had nearly outgrown our bassinet so we sold it last Sunday. It was one of the few things that we bought in preparation for Reid so it was hard to let it go. The other big purchase in anticipation of a 2nd child was the car I drive so I still have that one. Also I have decided that I want a wrap conversion mei tai and need the money to pay for it. (Thinking of either a DidyTai or a  local custom conversion of a Didy but I would have to buy the wrap first.)
I meant to post this yesterday but I tripped walking up the stairs holding C.S. and D.G.'s D-SLR camera so I sacrificed my body to protect the baby and the camera. I spent the rest of the evening with an ice pack on my knee. I spent today complaining about my "owie" knee but my family was not nearly sympathetic enough.


Dana said...

C.S. is so cute. I hope that D's teacher is understanding and says the right things about Reid.

What type of cloth diapers are you using? I would like to use cloth too, it's just hard to decide which ones.

I hope your knee gets better soon!

Lisa said...

Same thing here with Coen and sleeping. I won't complain about having a good baby but I get scared sometimes when he sleeps so long.

I also worry about how the other kids will react if Sierra mentions her dead sister. I think I will have to make sure every one of her teachers knows, so they can take her seriously. I always worry she will mention it in front of people who don't know and then I will have to tell the story. Ugh, sometimes this life sucks.

Hanen said...

She's amazing! Look at that chubb! Hope things go well with D's kinder.