Friday, March 2, 2012

End of February Craftiness

I have been planning to sew D a skirt for months as she is in a very long "I have to wear a dress/skirt every day" phase. The plan was to make it after I finished the Tinkerbell Halloween costume but that plan got derailed by the bedrest. I started using this pattern but when I was nearly finished I realized that it was WAY too short so I had to move the patterned layer down to cover the seam for extra 3 inches of fabric I added to to the bottom. Luckily it still looks pretty good and more importantly, D likes it.

Obviously it works for dancing. Don't ask me why she chose green tights to go with it. 

The only other sewing I managed to get done in February was making soaker pads to stuff in my nursing bra so I don't drench the side C.S. is not nursing on. (They are definitely not beautiful but so very necessary to prevent constantly having milk patches on my shirts.) In March I am hoping to make some new outfits for D's dolls, a sleep sack for C.S. and a ring sling for a baby gift.Hopefully it will be a good distraction from dreading the upcoming birthday.

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Jessica said...

Such a cute skirt!! Great job!