Monday, February 27, 2012

Almost 7 weeks

C.S. is still growing like crazy. She has pudgy cheeks and thigh rolls and is getting close to outgrowing 0-3 month sleepers lengthwise. She smiles now (although not for a camera) and is noticing the world around her. 

She also refuses to sleep during the day unless she is sleeping on one of her parents. And it seems that she will sleep in her bassinet by herself during the night (knock on wood) if she has a few good naps during the day so we are sacrificing time during the day in order to get good sleeps at night. She will nap in a sling or mei tai but I'm not ready for newborn back carries yet and not all jobs can be done with a baby attached to my front so I'm still feeling like I have no time to myself.  (She is in my Baby Hawk between me and the computer as I sneak in this blogging time.)

I constantly wonder how I ever would have coped without D.G. here with us. (Lots of frozen pizza for supper and lots of TV for D are the likely answers.) Which leads to wondering how I would have coped with a younger D and a newborn Reid if he had lived. Was the old me somehow more capable along with  more optimistic, trusting and forgiving? I do remember thinking I could manage to be a good mom to D and Reid. In that wonderful world where we get to raise all our children, I am somehow caring for all three of them and am damn grateful for every dirty diaper, load of laundry and grocery bill they generate.


Womb Raider said...

why do babies get to have "cute" thigh rolls and us adults are morbidly obese if we have thigh rolls? hehehe.

this might sound strange but thank you for keeping us updated. so many babyloss mama's fall off the side of the world once their "rainbows" are here and . . . i miss them. call me crazy but sometimes i like reading posts like "baby puked on me. the end."

thanks for sneaking the time to write. i certainly appreciate it and i know a lot of other women do too.

Jessica said...

There isn't a whole lot that is better then pudgy baby cheeks and thigh rolls! Oh how I love babies! Sorry you don't have much time to yourself... it is hard for me to imagine that happening to me in about 50 days... it's so unreal still. (((hugs))) to you :)