Saturday, February 18, 2012

No time

C.S. likes to keep me (well at least one part of my anatomy) right next to her all evening right now and I'm trying to get some projects accomplished and spend more time with D during the day so there isn't much time for blogging. On top of that we are going to have company (3 different sets of visitors) every day for the next week so that will leave even less time. I miss my quality time with the internet, but I know it will be here waiting for me.

I was a bit worried that C.S. was nursing non-stop because she wasn't getting enough milk, but when she was weighed and had gained 12 oz in 8 days I learned that milk supply is clearly not a problem. Oh well at least I still get to eat whatever I want whenever I want. (and still lose weight! Go ahead and hate me for it.) I have definitely been making up for the decreased chocolate intact during my pregnancy. I wonder if I have started making chocolate flavoured milk yet?


Emily said...

I hear you about the weight loss. I have been eating WAY too much junk food the last few months and I've lost ALL my baby weight and then some. Whoopie for boob juice!

Glo said...

Lol chocolate flavored bm....I like that haha.

Jessica said...

Looking forward to breastfeeding helping baby AND helping me lose the baby weight! WOO HOO :)