Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I may be a wuss but I'm not short on Omega-3's

I'm still a huge wuss. I haven't read the email from M yet. I did ask D.G. about the letter from last fall and he informed me that he recycled it long ago. It clearly upset me so he wanted to get rid of it. It's okay that he wanted to protect me, but he now knows that he shouldn't "recycle" letters without checking with me first.

I bent the bed rest rules to make Kristin's bacon guacamole recipe. So yummy, why have we never thought to put bacon in the guacamole before? Clearly the way to make something yummy and full of fat even more delicious is to add another kind of fat. And I can actually have quite a few tortilla chips before I hit my carb limit for a snack so it worked out great. Not that I wouldn't sink to eating this stuff with a spoon if I was maxed out on carbs.

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Violet1122 said...

I love love love guacamole. I will have to try it with the bacon! I'm glad you can make a big snack out of the chips :)