Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something to do with myself

So if you don't read the other blog in order to avoid the gratuitous baby rambling (and I totally understand if you need to that), here's a quick update. After pretty much 2 weeks exactly in the hospital I was discharged to the Antepartum Home Care Program. My cervix seems to have stabilized at 1 cm so I am on bedrest at home for now. I still have plenty of time on my hands in between daily nurses visits so I volunteered to take over the reins of the Remembering Together Ornament Swap. I have three other ladies to help me out and we are about to get the sign up started. We are hoping to spread even more love this year so come on over and check things out:

(Yes I am aware that it's kinds nuts to take on a project the same day you get out of the hospital but it is much easier on my brain to think about an ornament swap than the survival rates for preemies born at 28 weeks. Now I have to figure out if I can manage making an ornament while laying in bed.)


Dana said...

I'm glad you're out of the hospital and I'm sending thoughts and prayers your way that baby stays put for awhile and, of course, that everything is fine in the long term.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are home.. and so excited that you and Dana are hosting this!

Anella said...

Cara, The comment you left on my note on glow touched me...maybe just because you live close to the Stollery where our Eva died. We actually live near Grande was a coincidence that she died in Edmonton...we were there for scheduled appts on August 16th...had she made it another 16 hours and coded in the hospital she likely could have lived...anyway, all this to say that I clicked on your name and found your blog and I'm so sorry about Reid and I pray this little peanut in your belly stays with you. Thanks for caring...Anella