Thursday, November 3, 2011

19 months

I've been saying "My son would have been 19 months old."on a daily basis for a week and a half. Now it's finally official. Reid would be 19 months old today. I miss him so much.

Being in this place where everyone is  considered high-risk is so strange. No one seems to be scared shitless, LIKE THEY SHOULD BE. Either they really don't get it or they are really good at hiding it, but how can they pretend that there isn't a chance that their babies could die? Really, once you land in the hospital how can you still be convinced that everything will be okay? Do you have to have one of your babies die (like all of us) before the rose coloured glasses come off? Isn't just being told "You could go into labour at any time." when you are only 24/26/28 weeks along scary enough to make you seriously worry?


B said...

19 months. Such a long time to be missing him. Remembering Reid with you xx

Dana said...

19 months is so long and is getting so close to 24 months. It's scary. I still have trouble believing that we have all made it so long without them here.