Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's not time to come full circle yet

Sometimes being in the hospital on bed rest is just a little too much like the last time I was in the hospital after Reid died. Nothing to do but rest, still no baby in my arms (although the one in the belly kicking me is far better than none at all.) and still lots of awkward conversations about my obstetrical history (but I am much better at getting through them without breaking down.)

When I met the resident today on the day shift, he looked at me kind of funny and then looked at my chart and asked, "Dr. W delivered your last baby?"
"That's right."
"And you were seeing  Dr.K and the  (...) group?"
"I was there that night, in the operating room."

Well that explains the weird look. He was actually really nice, said how sorry he was and how that night has stuck with him. Turns out his wife had a baby not too long after and he couldn't stop thinking about how everything had changed so quickly for us that night. It's nice to know that other people still think about Reid too, even if it is just in that context. I knew I would have to deal with all this kind of stuff eventually, I just thought that it would be at about 11 weeks from now when were in the process of delivering Thing 3 or maybe even after they arrived and I was a couple floors up from here in the Mother/Baby unit.


Merry said...

Sending love and strength. Am facing a weird full circle thing myself today and it isn't easy. Lots of love.

Emily said...

Oh yes, all those obstetrical history questions are so hard aren't they? And you have to go over it SO MANY TIMES. I lost count of the number of times I had to tell staff when I was in hospital that "no, this isn't my first died". It wasn't easy. Hope bed rest is flying by for you...although it's probably not. How strict is your bed rest? Are you allowed to get up and go for wheelchair rides? Hope your family is bringing you something better than hospital food!

Dana said...

I am so behind, I didn't know you were in the hospital. I love that that doctor remembered you. It means so much to me when they remember me and Jacob.

I hope that you can leave the hospital soon and that THing 3 stays put for a bit longer.