Friday, October 21, 2011

What I did when I wasn't blogging - Part 1

So what did I do when I took my self-imposed break from blogging in August/September?  Well here's what we did first. It started with, "What are we buying each other for our 10th wedding anniversary?" The one thing we agreed on was a new mattress/bed. And that lead to new nightstands so we would have more storage, including a drawer where I could keep Reid's things when they needed to be moved out of "the baby room" to make room for Thing 3. Then we realized that we had now been in the this house for over 5 years, a record for us, and it was time for us to paint before we brought in the new furniture. And since we were switching from a double to a queen, we needed new sheets and so we should get a new comforter too. We went from new bed to pretty much whole new room.

Here is our bed before:

And while it's still not completely finished (we need some art over the bed and the drawer for Reid's things is still empty), here's what it looks like now:


And the other side of the room because we changed it too.

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We love the way it turned out, it's very soothing and peaceful and the new bed is comfy too. Now if only I could find the courage to move Reid's things out of the crib and into our room. If only I could be sure that we will need that crib for a real live baby.


Anonymous said...

I love hte way it turned out too! Great job :)

Don't worry about the baby's room...when the time'll just do it, because when you do move it, it will be because you are ready to, and not a moment sooner :)

Catherine W said...

It looks gorgeous! As you say, very peaceful. I must admit that I prepared hardly anything for R before he was born, it is really hard to find the courage. Sending you strength and hoping with you so, so much xo

Missy said...

Moving baby's things is definitely not easy. Before vacation I moved Chai's things into the fireproof safe and after we got back L was convinced that someone had stolen our son's ashes. I guess I never realized he paid attention. The room update looks wonderful. Continuing to think about you and your little ones my friend~