Monday, October 24, 2011

What I did when I wasn't blogging - Part 2

When Merry posted about a lack of courgette in her garden a few weeks ago, I had to laugh. Okay first I had to wonder why in Canada where one of our official languages is French, we don’t use the term courgette.  Then I had to laugh, because while my small garden didn’t produce a large volume of most vegetables this year, there was definitely a surplus of zucchini.

These were about 18” long and they were far from the biggest ones that grew. I had so much zucchini and was bringing zucchini based foods to so many places that one of my friends started calling me the “Zucchini Queenie”. (And yes that is one of the other things I started doing not too long before I stopped blogging, I started socializing on a limited basis again.) I also gave zucchini away to my neighbor and some mommy friends too.

I tried out a recipe for faux crab cakes that was actually quite good. D and D.G. both liked it and ate it more than once. I also made at least 4 different batches of zucchini brownies and a few monster batches of these zucchini-carrot-multi-grain muffins that I like to snack on. Then there was the zucchini cranberry loaf that turned out supper yummy so I made 2 more for the freezer. And finally a chocolate zucchini bundt cake (that used only whole wheat flour)  that seemed to be on at least a dozen foodie blogs so I gave it a try. 

And just in case you think I only baked with vegetables, there was also this. I found it one night at 10 pm and I swear if I had had any cream cheese in my fridge, I would have made them right then. I managed to wait a couple days before baking these, but holy crap were they delicious. The whole pan was gone in 3 days. I would love to make them again, but I have to wait until we are getting company so I don’t eat them all.

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