Friday, August 19, 2011

Random Questions

All asked by D on Wednesday:

D: "Why did he get cut with a knife?" - While driving and listening to Cuts Like a Knife by Bryan Adams.
Me: "His feelings got hurt and it feels like getting cut but, NOBODY is cutting anybody with a knife"
D: "OK Mommy"

D: "What's a freak?" - While driving and listening to Raise Your Glass by Pink, which she has heard a thousand times before.
Me: : "It's a not nice name for someone who is different. You should never call someone a freak, it's very mean."
D: " OK Mommy. What's for lunch?"

D: "What do the angels do with the babies?" Completely out of the blue while eating lunch.
Me: (Stunned silence) " I don't know honey, but I hope it's very nice and that the angels take good care of the babies."
D: "OK Mommy"


Jeanette said...

Those questions are so hard, so innocent. x

Anonymous said...

And her ultimate trust in your word...OK Mommy..