Friday, August 12, 2011


I seem to only have one mode lately, tired. I know, it's not really unexpected for me to be tired right now, but summer is going to end soon (I do live in the great frozen North) and I shouldn't spend the nicest time of the year sleeping (and neglecting my blogs.)

My cousin's wedding was okay for the most part. The center pieces at the reception (and the party the day after) were red gerbera daisies. I know that the choice had nothing to do with me or Reid, but it was still nice to see them everywhere. I tried to tell my aunt (the bride's mom) this but I could barely get the words our between sobs (The hormones are definitely kicking in.) She already knew that I associate red gerbera daisies with Reid, so she wasn't confused as to why I was blubbering over the flowers.


Jeanette said...

Gerberas are such beautiful flowers, goodness me, I'm nearly in tears here just thinking of you seeing them, and I don't have the hormones excuse!

Merry said...

Oh Cara.