Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last week

I am still waiting to get my comments on my last post back. It was so weird that while Blogger was down, I wanted to post and as soon as I could post, the urge went away.


Mother's day (a week ago already) was a very low key event. I managed to make the required phone calls to my mom and grandmother, but didn't talk to anyone else. I hung out in bed and read most of the morning. We went out and had ice cream for lunch. D.G. got me red gerbera daisies and helped D to make a picture frame for me. (It features a little more glitter and a few more happy face flower stickers than I used on the ones I made, but it's still has a place on my dresser next to our wedding pictures.) D.G. also made supper and then D and I watched part of Cinderella (one of two real movies she will watch) and I painted our toenails.

It was a vast improvement on last year, that's for sure.


This past week I should have had the NT scan and been almost done the first trimester, you know, if I had stayed pregnant longer than 2 weeks. It has caused more than a few twinges in the last few days, but they are just a few more "should have"s on the giant pile of "Reid should have been"s that I try not to look at too often.


Anonymous said...

I know those twinges of what should be all too well.. so sorry Car.....

Missy said...

Thinking of you and Reid always~