Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You know things are bad when... are almost grateful that your water heater is leaking.

Today was a disaster. I would tell you the whole awful drawn out story, except my arm hurts too much to type properly. (Merry's hot water bottle is getting a thorough test run tonight.) To sum things up:

- Our water heater started leaking some time last night.
- I had to make 3 trips to the hardware store before I got the damn thing fixed.
- I spent close to 2 hours today standing in cold water.
- My arm is super sore from a combination of using a pipe wrench and wringing out wet towels.
- I was surrounded by perfect looking mommy clones all pushing babies in strollers at D's first dance class today. (The water heater gave me an excuse to get away from the clones.)
- I had to listen to my daughter say to one of hew new friends, "My baby died, did your babies die?" for the first time. (I know the mom of this little girl so no adults freaked out at this question.)
- I was close to tears for most of the day which made me too tired to do much more than be a lump at yoga class.

Small bright spots:
-Our next door neighbor is amazing and saved me from dragging D to the hardware store on trips 2 and 3.
- I did fix the leak without calling a plumber, (go me!) and nothing important got destroyed.

So tired, must sleep now.


Jeanette said...

What a day! Huge hugs to you, and well done fixing the leak.x

Dana said...

Good for you for fixing the leak! I hate that you saw so many people with baby strollers. My heart ached a little when I read what D said. It shouldn't be a part of her world, or yours. (hugs)

missliany said...

Good for you for fixing the leak on your own!

That's really tough what D said. Lily was only 16 months old when Chole was born and died and is just 2 now so she really doesn't "get it" quite yet. But we have Chloe's picture out, talk about her and play in her room often. Recently she has started going up to Chloe's crib and throwing her toys in for Chloe and yelling, "Come play Chloe!" Moments like those are just too much for a BLM heart.


Glo said...

Way to go fixing the water heater. Super Momma ;)

Megan at Enchanted and I had a GOOD chat during my tattoo session in which I mentioned why I ended up there (you!). Great lady and thanks for the excellent referral :)