Saturday, April 23, 2011

Let it be over soon

I just want Easter over with. I'm sick of seeing all the plastic bunnies and pastel baskets, it just makes me angry. All of it, the secular and the religious, just makes me mad. My baby died last Easter and for some reason this holiday is making me feel much worse than the actual anniversary of his death. Maybe it's because most people don't have a clue that I am seething with anger inside right now. I want nothing to do with Easter and unlike Christmas, I'm not even making an effort for D's sake. I am just barely tolerating the things that our families do (which is mostly sending parcels due to the distance) but I wish I could just banish it all from my life.


butterflymom said...

Oh, hun...I can see what a trigger Easter would be for you. And you're's one of those holidays that bring people together, make them happy with plastic eggs and bunnies, when all you want to do is climb into a hole. Which is tough to do. Hang in there and remember to do what's best for you right now. This is a very difficult time, and you need to be gentle with your feelings. ((hugs)0

Missy said...

Agreed! I am avoiding Easter all together or I was. And then my mom started sending me photos of everyone on my phone.. Yeah! Hoping it is over quickly for you mama. Blowing a little love and strength your way~

elena said...

*hugs* Easter is hard on me too.