Sunday, April 17, 2011

I've created a monster

I received some wonderful gifts for Reid's birthday. However, I will only subject you to my amateur photographic efforts for two of them because while they brought me so much comfort they also had an unexpected side effect.

gave me a sculpture from Midnight Orange.

I bought myself a present, one of Merry's dragons. (Merry also sent me a gift, but the hot water bottle and cover are not nearly as cute and they arrived together so really it was one big box of gifts.) Gaffer is as cute in person as he is in pictures, but since you are not here, you'll have to settle for a picture:

Now both these presents arrived swaddled in bubble wrap so that they could survive international shipping. When I unwrapped them, I made the mistake of leaving the bubble wrap on the kitchen counter. And what do you do with bubble wrap when you are a kid (or a daddy)? You pop it, of course. And now I have addict on my hands:

D will literally sit there popping bubble wrap for 15 minutes at a time. She will turn down offers to do her favorite activities, reading a story and playing ponies, in favour of popping bubbles. I had hoped to save some of the extra wrap for mailing my own parcels but it looks like it will all be sacrificed to the popping monster.


Merry said...

The hot water bottle cover is not so cute?!?!??! Hurumph!!!

;) I'll have you know that was my own design.....

I'm glad you like them anyway. BTW, I only sent at bottle too as I had a sudden fear that evolution meant you had different shaped ones over there. But it was put in afterwards and if you want to swap it for an old favourite, the neck is nice and stretchy and the one I sent will come out.

car said...

I guess I am just a sucker for animals, well at least the kind that don't make me sneeze and clean up poop. I would say the hottie cover is very pretty, but really, how could it compete with Gaffer in cuteness? Shockingly, Canadian hot water bottles are pretty much identical in size to UK ones, maybe there is an international standard for hot water bottles?

Catherine W said...

Oh I love the sculpture and the dragon. I'm afraid that a hot water bottle, no matter how cute, simply couldn't compete with Gaffer!

Also love the fact that D is addicted to bubble wrap! Hope she enjoys her days as a popping monster :)

Anonymous said...

I love Gaffer and the piece by Midnight Orange is so touching.
I love how D finds the bubble wrap so entertaining.. and to think of all those toys sitting on the shelf! ;o)