Saturday, April 16, 2011

Extra crazy

My eyes are sore from too much screen time tonight*, but I need to vent so here I am at 10:30, still up while the rest of the family sleeps.

D.G. and I are going through a rough patch. It seems like everyday that he doesn't work we end up arguing and/or fighting by noon. We also seem unable to avoid having these arguments in front of D which makes me feel horribly guilty on top of the crappy feelings from fighting with D.G. There's no one thing causing the problems (although D.G. would probably say that it all comes back to me being a mess) so it's not like we can just avoid one thing and avoid the conflict. I am sick of being upset but I just can't hold back when he does or says something that bothers me. Maybe it's the depression combined with PMS that's pushing me over the edge constantly (isn't that a great combination?) or maybe I'm just more nuts now because it's April and I'm trapped in the days between April 3rd and Easter and it keeps f-ing snowing.

*I was "working" not slacking off playing Soli.tare. The Faces of Loss site has moved to Word.Press and there are these random spaces that keep showing up in my blogroll that won't go away no matter what I do. Grrr.


Angela said...

J and I are fighting constantly too. It's the time of year - Mother's Day plus her first birthday are rapidly approaching - plus the weather. While we don't have snow here we have lots of rain and it's chilly.

It will get better, it always eases at some point, but it's hard to make it through all the same.

Sending love and strength.

Kristin said...

Oh the damn spaces!! I've been having issues with that on wordpress too! Okay, I am going to try and figure out what the deal is. :)

I've been going through a rough patch in my marriage too, Car. I don't know what it is about this time of year, but I'm especially emotional and moody and 'blah.' I have no advice, but know you're not the only one who is fighting with their husband all the time for no real reason at all.

PS. We got snow this weekend here in Minnesota too! Lame!

Ed said...

So frustrating. ugh. hugs.