Monday, April 4, 2011


I have so many things to post, but I am just exhausted. The closest thing to describing how I feel is hungover. Too many cupcakes, too many emotions and not enough sleep have left me wishing I could have stayed in bed all day. (not an option with D though)

Everything that we could control yesterday went as well as we could have hoped and as everyone says when the anniversary is over, the anticipation is worse than the actual event. Too bad knowing that doesn't help make the lead up any easier.


Dana said...

I'm glad it's over and I'm glad that everything you planned went so well.

I agree. The anticipation is always worse than the actual day, but even though I've known that for several big days, it doesn't make the lead up and easier at all. I'm living in dread of his first birthday right now.


Anonymous said...

Be well today.
Our lead up to 6 months is giving me some grief, but I think I still may be in shock so it hasn't fully sunk in.
Hugs to you.