Friday, March 4, 2011

Done and done

I finally sent the email on Tuesday night. (yes, the one I started planning to write 2 weeks ago.) I wrote it over the weekend and then it took me until Monday took ask D.G. to read it (only to discover that he had already read it because it was just sitting in the Draft folder the whole time.) I didn't send it until Tuesday night just to be sure I really wanted to still do it. I haven't gotten any sort of reply, but that maybe that's because I sent it to her hot.mail account instead of replying to the birthday message she sent via FB. I don't know why, but I can't do anything serious or confrontational on FB, maybe I am afraid of private things becoming public very easily on FB. If I don't hear something from her by next week, I'll think about sending her a FB message just say there is another message on her hot.mail account. Just the act of sending the email should have been enough to make me feel better but hitting send didn't bring any feelings of resolution.

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Missy said...

For what it's worth I'm proud of you. Maybe things will feel more resolved when/if you get a response? Regardless you said what you needed to say and that's what matters. All my love to you mama!