Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weird dreams

You know how we all come crashing down as soon as we say we have had a few good days in a row? Apparently it works for other things too. I told D.G. that I hadn't been dreaming (or at least remembering my dreams) for the last few months and then 3 nights in a row, I had very vivid dreams.
-In dream #1, I was a set-decorator/wedding planner for a interior designer/tv host (she's been on the Canadian HGTV for years). It was a huge over the top wedding, which makes no sense as she is currently married and has 2 daughters. I don't know how I got the job or remember anything else about the dream, which is normal for me.
-In dream #2, I was sleeping on the couch in our living room (which I actually was) and then heard a sound at the door. I went over to check the deadbolt, but when I tried to close it, someone was on the other side and forced the deadbolt and the door open. There were 2 guys trying to get into the house, and I tried to scream D.G.'s name, but I couldn't because I had been been mouth-breathing. I eventually did get his name out and woke myself up, but I was so freaked out because it was so realistic, unlike most of my dreams.
-In dream #3, D.G. and I were getting ready to go on a ski trip, like the kind of group bus trip that we went on in university. We got on the bus and then his sisters were there and going on the trip too. Just all weirdness, because there is no way I would want to be stuck on a bus with a bunch of happy people.

So if saying I haven't been dreaming can make me start dreaming, why doesn't saying that I can't get pregnant mean that I get pregnant?


Dana said...

You never know what will work.

Up until the last night or 2, I had 2 weeks of dead baby dreams. I don't think I ever saw my dead baby, but just dead babies in general.

Missy said...

I was remembering the dreams for a while and now they went away again. I wished that worked as well, but I'm keeping my fingers, toes, legs, and arms crossed for you!

Violet1122 said...

Those are some crazy dreams!

I wish I knew some magic trick to guarantee a pregnancy. I've tried re-creating events leading up to a BFP, and I've tried doing everything different leading up to a BFP. I've tried caring and worrying to excess, and I've tried to pretend like I didn't care at all.

It just happened for me (luckily). I've got my fingers crossed that is just happens for you - and soon.

((Big Hugs))

B said...

my friend's baby keeps turning up in my dreams. it sucks, because i'm fine with him in real life, but in my dreams i suspect i just want him because he's there and alive. not a baby who's long gone or a baby who may or may not survive. and it hurts.

'Just all weirdness, because there is no way I would want to be stuck on a bus with a bunch of happy people.'
HA! how true... ;)