Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things that are good for me

I tried exercising yesterday. I wasn't aware that I still had muscles under the flab that is my 2 c-section belly. Apparently there is still something there because it hurts, a lot. I did 10 crunches (and they were really wimpy crunches) and a few half-assed push-ups, I should not feel pain while sitting on the couch. If exercise is so good for me, why does it hurt before I even do enough to enjoy it?


D is almost 3 and half, but we have never found a regular teenage babysitter for her so that we could go out on dates like everyone says you should after you have children. Partly because we didn't know any teenagers here and partly because we never made it a priority. Today we finally found one. Luckily we can keep things in the family so to speak as our new babysitter is the oldest daughter of one of my support group leaders. Works good for me because she knows about Reid and has lost 2 sisters of her own which saves me from explaining what happened and saves her from freaking out when D starts explaining about how all her toys have little brothers who died. Now I just have to find the energy to plan an actual date with D.G. Let's hope it's less painful than the exercise.


I gave up antiperspirant a month ago, thinking that absorbing less metal through my skin had to be a good thing. I replaced it with a natural vegan deodorant that somehow makes me smell worse that if I use nothing at all. Seriously, its worse than just my regular sweat. Any recommendations for something else to try from the crunchy granola types in the audience?


Missy said...

I smile reading this. Because I probably couldn't even do 1 push up and my limbs hurt just thinking about it. I'm glad you found a babysitter that will "get it." I hope you get to have many fun and sexy dates with D.G. Let me know how the antiperspirant search goes. I'm a nasty sweating pig to the point of needing Rx stuff, but can't use because I'm allergic. I always feel like I stink :(

missliany said...

The antipersproant comment actualyl made me laugh out loud. I hope you have a great date with D.G. eventually amd for his sake I hope you find a new antipersproant by then. ;)

Angela said...

A good friend and I once had a long conversation one summer afternoon about how much we smelled thanks to using "natural" deodorant.

Tom's doesn't work very well, but Nature's Gate does. Not as well as antiperspirant, but you won't drive anyone away. Oh, and, during the summer applying it twice a day isn't a bad idea.

B said...

i use bionsen deodorant stick, but i've no idea if it's available in canada (or the US for that matter). 's good though.

yay to a babysitter, and one who won't freak no less. i hope you have a good night out with DG. and definitely less painful than the exercise :)