Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Lots of BLM are blogging about Christmas cards and what to do about them. I have decided to send out a few but only to immediate family and a few friends and I am totally cheating. (and I am so sorry that so many of you don't have this option for dealing with Christmas cards.) I bought 3 sets of stickers from and a pack of card stock and then helped D do this:

Basically they are just something to stick the gift cards we bought in. (They are also a good activity for D since she has 5 weeks without preschool and my patience for playing Candyland disappeared a couple months ago.) But somehow they turned out really good and I wish so much we were tucking a picture of our 2 beautiful kids inside.


Missy said...

Those are fun! I'm sooo wishing I went the gift card route instead of making stuff. bleh! Sending big hugs and hoping you get the picture you desire for next year.

B said...

we were only a month out last christmas and i said there wasn't any chance in HELL i was sending christmas cards out. but D still did to his family.

i still didn't send any, but i felt more shitty about it. why on earth would he do that when it was the one year we had a cast iron copper bottomed reason that no one in their right minds would argue with?

the cards are gorgeous :) great idea.

i wish you were slipping a pic of both your kids into them too. maybe somewhere in another universe you are.

My New Normal said...

I stumbled onto your blog today and I feel like some of your posts are like reading my own mind. I lost my son in August of this year and have also been debating about sending cards. I finally decided to do it, but there is just one photo of the two of us. And it's in black and white. I just don't feel happy enough to send one in color.