Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2010, the year that keeps on screwing me over

So it's official, I am not pregnant so I will be getting a tattoo this weekend. I also can now drink vast quantities of red wine to get through the next week and a half (Except for right before I get the tattoo.). Unfortunately, it has been snowing for the last 24 hours straight and the roads are a mess so I can't get to the store to buy the wine I NEED. (The jerks down the street have been driving their snowmobiles up and down the street all evening, that's how much snow we just got.) And of course, my parents are planning to come visit (and sleep in the guest bedroom right below our bedroom.) right when I should ovulate. Why does this crap keep happening to me? Oh well, it probably won't work anyway because it will still be 2010 and 2010 was declared "Shittiest Year Ever", I just didn't see the announcement until April.


Lareina said...

I'm so sorry... Sending you lots of hugs tonight. Nite.

Missy said...

So sorry you did not get what you really needed this week. Thinking of you and Reid and can't wait to see your tattoo!

Merry said...

Hugs. Wish there was more to say :(

Dana said...

I'm sorry you didn't get a BFP. It would have been so, so nice. You are firmly in the club of "not pregnant, but want to be" this Christmas. I am there with you.

Because I'm not pregnant, I am also thinking of getting a tattoo soon. I kept putting it off before because of trying.

I like the last line of this post. It is so true. I got the memo on May 31.

Stephanie said...


Princess Andy said...

love and kindness to you, car.

i'm sorry this time wasn't THE time.

and i can't wait to see your tattoo...please to be sharing?

also, i think we just missed the snow you are referring to...i keep hoping that it moves a little our way so that i can "hermit it up" in my house and not go to work;)

sloppy kisses, andrea

Angela said...

Sorry, friend. I can't wait to see your tattoo. Loved the last line - I got the memo on May 14th.

B said...

i got the memo earlier than most. i had a shitty new year's eve anyway, first PMT after my miscarriage and not pregnant and grief starting to overwhelm me - then i broke my front tooth at quarter past midnight on new year's day.

i am SO looking forward to 2011.

Suzy said...

OMG you and I are living such similar lives (I am so sorry. Because mine sucks a lot sometimes!)

2010 was the year of SHIT. Seriously. Almost everyone I know has had such a hard year.

Praying 2011 is better for everyone.