Monday, November 8, 2010

Am I crazy or are they?

If you were lucky enough to get to bring home a real live baby and everything was "normal" and you got the point where you were making baby announcements, why the hell would you ever chose photos of the baby sleeping, i.e. with its eye's closed? Does this bother me just because I am a DBM and associate pictures of babies with their eyes closed with dead babies? Sure,you should take pictures of your kids while they are sleeping (I did it a couple weeks ago when D fell asleep while her dad yelled at the TV during a football game.), but why would you pick those pictures for a birth announcement? And it's not like one of those Anne Geddes elaborately posed photos, it's just a regular close up photo of the kid's face. I don't know if I am just reacting as someone who only has pictures of her son with his eyes closed or it's just that I am pissed at the mom of this kid (more on that later) but really, would anyone else be bothered by this?


Sadkitty said...

We ARE crazy.
But, they are innocent/ignorant. Pictures of sleeping newborns creep the shit our of me, especially if they are black and white. I mentioned this recently to my sister; we were at her friend's apartment and the friend had a birth announcement of the twins of some family member on display and I whispered to my sister "is it just me or do those babies look dead?" She said "(in a worried voice) "I think they're just asleep" and I said "yeah, but they look dead, that is not right."

My doctors office has one exam room with an unfortunately HUGE picture of a sleeping newborn right over the exam table. It is black and white. I begged them to write "no room 7" in huge letters across my chart, but every so often they try and stick me in there. The last time I finally got all assertive and stated "I DO NOT go in room seven!"

So yeah, it's not someone normal people think of. The untouched, as it were. But it bothers me. And you. And therefore should NOT be done. (so says me!-)

Missy said...

My association is more the black/white of the photo than the eyes closed, but then again I can't remember any of the photos of new babies I've seen in the last hundred years (or so it feels) being asleep. Yup I would think they would choose one where the baby is all drooly and smiling.

Jessica said...

Sure all us BLMs are a bit nutty but I agree with you I just saw pics somewhere today of a sleeping baby but what do I see - yep you guessed it - dead baby. NOT GOOD. I fear in the future when I have a child I will be terrified when they sleep.
I totally see what you are saying why not a picture with open eyes staring out at the new world. We will never know and they will never "get it" (((hugs)))

Merry said...

It's us.

Poor us :(

I have lots of pictures of my children asleep, when I didn't know otherwise, because it was the only time I had my hands free. I do not know if I can ever do that again now :(

Wyatt's Mommie said...

I totally understand where you are coming from on this. I only wish I had a photo with my child's eyes opened. I never saw them.

Anonymous said...

ugh. I was JUST thinking about that the other day. i cannot look at ANY baby announcement with a child sleeping and NOT thinking, "that child is dead."

but then again...prior to the death of my son, I probably would have done so many naive things!