Saturday, October 23, 2010

I know I should be doing more

It's ICLW and I feel like I should have amazing, or at least semi-good, posts for any new visitors to read. Instead I am a big whiny mess. I've had a headache for the last 8 hours, D.G. abandoned me to take one of my friends to the hockey game and my football team was in town today and suffered another embarrassing loss to the home team. (Well, D.G. didn't really abandon me, I encouraged him to go to the game without me since I had no desire to be a huge crowd of people even with free tickets.) The only good thing going on is a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror marathon on TV so I guess that's what I'm doing tonight.


Augusta said...

Hi Car, Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a sweet note on my blog. I also feel like I "should" have daily and better posts up because of ICLW, and all the rest of it. But for goodness sake, aren't we just all doing the best that we can?

It sounds like that chat with your mom on Friday was pretty depressing. I would not want to do very much after that myself. She seems to have a hard time understanding that grief is not process that has a lot of 'get up and go'. Instead, it's a process that spirals slowly in and out of days, and months, and years, transforming itself and the person afflicted. You can't make yourself believe anything about your son's death. I'm sad that she doesn't understand that and sad that she's the only person who phones. I'm so glad you have a counselor with whom you can look at your grief, understand it better, and accept its process.

Be well, lovely!

Jessica said...

Car - I find it even HARDER to write an "interesting" or "amazing" post when I think I have to LOL - just one of those things... <3

Annie said...

Stopping by from ICLW. So sorry for your loss and for the guilt trip you've been on. Boy can I relate. It's so hard when the people who should be the most caring during a tough time are the ones who knock you down.

daega99 said...

Hope you're feeling better!

Happy ICLW!

The Infertility Doula said...

Well at least you did post an entry, right?! That's something... Honestly, I wish I'd blog more often, but the whole day goes by without ever getting around to it. So give yourself a cookie for sharing with us ;)

Anonymous said...

In this space, your pain is palpable, and I'm so sorry for your devastating loss. Please take care of yourself and your daughter, and certainly don't worry about the rest of us.

ICLW #15