Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The wonderful Merry asked her on-line (and IRL) friends to join her in making daffodil crafts to mark what should be Freddie' 4th birthday on April 2nd. I decided on crochet daffodils and went looking on Ravelry for patterns. The first one can be found here on Attic24. It's a cute pattern but it didn't come out perfectly for me. I lay all the blame on the cotton yarn I used because it's a nice pattern and I really liked that it was all worked together and I didn't have to sew in a dozen ends.

For the second pattern which I found here, I switched to acrylic yarn and although the colour isn't perfect, I love the results. All the parts are sewn separately which was less than ideal, but I love the shape of the petals.

I must admit to completely cheating for the pictures. I pinned the daffodils to the sofa and draped the green yarn down to be the stems because I lack the ambition to figure out how to make proper stems. 

Happy Birthday sweet Freddie. I promise to take some pictures for your mum when the daffodils here bloom in May.



Catherine W said...

So beautiful.

Thinking of Freddie and Reid in these early April days xo

Merry said...

Thank you dear friend for taking part and taking time. Thinking of all of you and Reid today. His candle will burn alongside Freddie's tonight. Xxx