Tuesday, July 23, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 29

I'm getting ready to take the girls on a short road trip (I must be crazy) so I need to get this done now. I should have written it yesterday but I was preoccupied with hoping the the royal baby wouldn't arrive on Jeanette's little girl's birthday (which of course he did).

Week 29 flew by which means nothing too stressful happened and we had lots of time to play in the sun. I finished the cardigan for D but she refused to be photographed in it. 

This is C.S. in our current favourite park. She prefers to climb up the slide and go down the stairs. 

My hair still has not recovered from the haircut when I decided that I should have bangs (huge mistake) so if I want my hair out of my face, I have to use 2 pony tails. C.S. loves them and has started requesting "tails" for herself.

I love seeing my girls together, especially when D "reads" to C.S. 

We finished up the week with a birthday party for my friend E's daughter. The day started out Gray but ended up beautiful and the kids wore themselves out completely on the DIY slip and slide.

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