Sunday, June 9, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 23

This last week was all about sewing, when I wasn't cooking, cleaning, folding clothes, changing diapers or reading board books. I spent more time sewing this week than I have since October 2011 when I made D a Halloween costume and then promptly landed in the hospital and didn't get to see her wear it.

First, I sewed the dress for D that I cut out over a month ago. She loves it, it turned out great and I even tried out french seams on the bottom ruffle

Then I finished a hat that has been sitting in my project basket for the last year. I started it when making a hat for a friend's baby girl but stopped when I realized it was going to be way to big for a newborn. My model for this project was not so cooperative, but at least she has a hat that I can tie on for windy days when we walk to school.

I hate sewing anything involving knits but I had to suck it up and do it twice this week. The first time because I am cheap and when D tore a hole in an almost new pair of leggings, I decided I could turn them into a pair of shorts to wear under her summer dresses. (No picture because they are boring grey shorts.) The second time was so I could save Noy-nee. Noy-nee is an adorable sock monster made by a local crafter who is now sporting a purple heart shaped patch on her hip.

Today I finally sewed something for me. I didn't actually sew this shirt, but I took 4" off the sides of this shirt so I could have some kind of waist when I wear it. I usually avoid button up shirts because I have XL shoulders and a M waist but once in a while a pattern is too cute to pass up.


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