Monday, June 3, 2013

52 Weeks: Week 22

As I said last week, week 22 got off to a rough start. I ended up having a root canal on Wednesday (Thank goodness for cancellations!) after an emergency evaluation on Monday. Before my tooth went supernova on Monday morning we had a playdate with my friend E and her girls. I love having a friend who lives on a farm so that my girls can at least get a taste of how I grew up. Here are the four of them happily playing in the sand and getting extremely dirty.

C.S. has figured out how to actually get food onto a utensil and then get some of that food into her mouth. I know mastering a fork is still a longs ways off, but she is so proud of herself and it is so stinking cute.

In the better late than never category, I finally got my garden planted this weekend. After waiting until Victoria Day weekend for D.G. to till the garden, it took until this weekend for me to have enough energy, the seeds and good weather. We also got lots of rain after it got planted so hopefully things start growing soon.

I love lilacs, so much so that I actually considered scheduling my wedding in spring so I could have them. (We ended getting married in October, but I did consider it.) There are lilacs all over our neighborhood and they were all in full bloom this week.

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